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Viognier is an aromatic white grape that is slowly making its way into the mainstream, and with good reason. Valuable both as a single-variety and as a component in both red and white blends, wines made from this grape show stone fruit and white flowers. Hailing from the Rhöne Valley of France, Viognier is notably seen from the Condrieu and Château Grillet appellations, both of which only allow wines made from ...more
Good to the last drop. We’re currently fresh out of Viognier. Don’t despair: We release new wines every single day, so keep checking back.
Til then, check out some Viognier we've made in the past.
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2016 Akoya Viognier


“Lean, Floral, Elegant”

$14.99 Regular Price$12.99 Members

2017 Akoya Viognier


“Crisp, Bright, Food Friendly”

$20.99 Regular Price$15.99 Members

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The style of Viognier can vary considerably, with some more expensive examples being quite rich and full. Now planted widely throughout the south of France, this type is a bit more light on its feet, being harvested early to retain acidity. The stone fruit and floral nature of this grape come through no matter what, however, and even when made in a leaner style, Viognier has plenty of personality. Viognier is ...more

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