Winemaking at Winc

When we launched Winc's wine club, we didn’t set out to build the world’s most unconventional wine program, but we very well might have. The hundreds of unique wines we’ve bottled from around the globe range from classic blends to obscure, single vineyard fringe projects. We feel an obligation to showcase the best that every region, varietal and style has to offer, at the best value possible. And we thrive on the challenges that come along with our very particular style of winemaking.

  • Our team

    Led by visionary winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith, our wine team is passionate about two things: making great wine, and sharing it with as many people as possible.

  • Smaller lots

    We focus on quality over quantity. Our commitment to smaller batches allows us to create wines with distinct character.

  • Global diversity

    We source from exceptional vineyards and partner with exceptional winemakers from around the world.

  • Winemaking partners

    Our relationships with independent winemakers and growers allow us to deliver even greater quality and diversity.