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What our customers have to say

Jenn D.


It’s easy and convenient. The wine selection is amazing! I have been satisfied with every suggestion and selection!

Kathleen G.

Sidney, NE

It's been a consistently great experience.

Miguel L.

Cape Coral, FL

Quality and honesty two simple words.

We love our wine. We love you more.

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"Each bottle is labeled with unique art that you’ll want to display even after every drop is consumed"
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"This direct line of communication between customers and Winc’s wine experts embodies the company’s philosophy of user-driven service, as customers’ consistent feedback means that every box is better than the next"
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"Everything about it from the names to the bottles is creative and goes against the notion that wine is a very proper thing meant to be treated a certain way"
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"The best wine club overall…Fantastic wine selection, reasonable prices, fast delivery, thorough tasting notes"
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