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For our 10th birthday, we wished upon a little grape and our community made the dream come true.

In celebration of 10 years of good times and great wines, this one is dedicated to you.

From sourcing, to blending, to naming and beyond, we’re used to flying solo. But for the first time ever this past October, we swapped roles and asked you to call the winemaking shots to help us make a one-of-a-kind birthday bottle. We ran a week-long Instagram Poll inviting our followers to vote on all the pieces, inside and out, of our custom birthday wine. From the tasting notes and varietal, to the name and label artist, we handed over the power and you absolutely crushed it. We even tapped a handful of artists to help us create a special label including Monica AhanonuAlex Trochut, and Lorien Stern (who became the artist of choice, featured below).

Lorien Stern, the artist for the wine label, standing next to her artwork

The final result? 

A rich, medium-bodied red blend from France, and arguable our favorite collaboration ever. Made from organic grapes and featuring tasting notes of red cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, and spice, this is our way to say cheers to all of you. Our best memories are over a shared glass with old friends and new, and that’s just what we’re honoring here — the people who make wine-drinking so special. 

As promised, participants get a top-secret co-creator reward, so keep an eye on your inbox! Thanks again for making our birthday wish come true, we’d 10/10 do it again. 

October 2023 Update: You guys loved this wine and it is now sold out. However, stay tuned - we will definitely be doing this again.

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